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If there was ever a legally criminal organization, there is no doubt it would be the NCAA.       The NCAA gets the criticism it deserves more times than not and in truth there is no resolution in the near future to remedy all of its issues.  Student athletes will continue to be taken advantage of, and will continuously make money for the universities that they, the players, will never see a penny of.  This is the situation, and we all have to deal with it.

With that being said, keep in mind that the NCAA makes no adjustments and no changes unless it benefits them financially.  So when the NCAA “did away” with the BCS system in favor of a “four team playoff” it was not to find a true champion year to year in college football and it definitely was not to appease those fans and writers that wanted it.


The NCAA made their money off the BCS and now they will certainly find a way to benefit from the college playoff.  Terrific.  Congrats to them.

But back to the football side of things. . .

Does a playoff give us a “true championship team?”  Or does it just appease those who grew tired of the power house schools like Alabama finishing on top nearly every year?  A playoff certainly is NOT the way to find the BEST team in the country.  The BCS did that and did it well.

The BCS was designed, by a series of mathematics that goes way beyond my comprehension, to put the best teams in the country against each other at the end of the year.  Was there any denying that the years Florida, Auburn, Alabama and most recently Florida State won the BCS National Chamipionship, that they were the best in the country?  Absolutely not.

The BCS system put the focus on the number one spot.  Every team wanted to be “#1” and every other team wanted to “knock off” the “#1.”  Now, because of the four team playoff system, being “#1” doesn’t matter anymore.  This season, before Mississippi State was beaten by Alabama, nobody cared that Mississippi State was number one.  Instead people were in an uproar about TCU being number 4 and Alabama being number 5.  THAT was the discussion.  Four and Five – NOT, number one.


Instead of trying to be the best in the country, teams are focused on “just getting in.”

You know what playoffs do?  Give a chance to a team that didn’t deserve it in the first place.  It tells a team that was clearly the best, or #1 – it doesn’t matter, because #3 and #4 have just a good a chance as you do anyhow.  Where’s the pay-off for being number one, especially for the student athletes who won’t be getting paid for playing an extra game?

Does any fan want to see a possibility of a Mississippi State vs TCU championship game?  Ohio State vs Oregon championship?  It could happen.  Are you willing to take the chance on those being the games determining who the “best” team in college was all year?  Get over yourselves.


The truth of the matter is, the BCS got it right each and every year.  The best teams played for the National Championship – the two teams that played the best all year and deserved a shot at the Championship, played for it.  People want a playoff because they are obsessed with David taking on Goliath.  People love silly things like a Boise State or Northern Illinois team saying they deserve a chance to play for the championship because they went undefeated and won their Tom,Dick and Harry conference.  Just stop it.

Welcome to the college football world you wanted America.  Where being number 4 is just as good as being number 1.

G.W. Gras

twitter @GeeSteelio