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In 2010 the Dallas Cowboys traded up three spots in the draft with the New England Patriots to secure themselves of wide receiver Dez Bryant.  There was no denying the physical abilities and over-all talent of Bryant, but there were early character concerns and an abundance of baggage that he took with him to Dallas.


There was a stolen jewelry case back in 2011, he was arrested in 2012 for assaulting his own mother (who had him when she was 14 and has her own checkered past) and owner Jerry Jones even initiated a type of “baby sitting” service, where Dez was to be followed around and watched over by some of Jerry’s people.

After this season, Dez Bryant’s contract is up and he wants to be paid the money an elite receiver should be paid.  His production proves he is definitely a top five wideout; in 2012 he racked up 92 receptions for 1382 yards and 12 touchdowns and last season he totaled 93 receptions, 1233 yards and 13 touchdowns.  This season he’s on pace for over 100 yards and 1400-1500 yards and over 12 touchdowns.  He is one of the toughest receivers to handle in one on one coverage due to his size and natural ability and has a knack for coming up in big moments.  The Cowboys know what he is and know for a fact he has the potential to not only be a top five receiver but to also be the best receiver in the NFL.  The only thing holding up a long term deal, is the Cowboys’ fear that Dez cannot get out of his own way.  In a recent report, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport revealed:

“I went to the DeSoto (Texas) City Police Department. I found six instances of police coming to Dez Bryant‘s house — that’s where he lives, in DeSoto. Among the incidents — and none of these were convictions — there was a harassment incident, there was a robbery at his house, the fire department had to come and unlock his car that had a sleeping baby inside. . . they (the Cowboys) are very nervous, and this is one reason they have not wanted to give him the guaranteed money that most elite receivers get.”

Once again, there is no denying the talents Dez Bryant, but for the Cowboys, is this really a necessary signing?


For all the hard times pressed on Tony Romo through social media and social circles in general – Romo is the do all and end all for the Dallas Cowboys team.  Now that the team has an offensive line, one would like to think that the 34 year old quarterback can hang around another 4 years or so, like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have.  A good quarterback puts up pro bowl numbers with good wide receivers.  A great quarterback makes average receivers put up pro bowl like numbers.  Romo has made a lot of players look better than they actually were.  Miles Austin, Roy Williams, Laurent Robinson to name a few.  Does anyone really know if second year man Terrance Williams is as good as he looked? Nobody knows for sure, but he sure looks good with Romo throwing him the ball.

It may not be a popular thing to say, but Romo will be fine with whoever is at wide receiver and so will the Cowboys offense.  Scoring has never been a problem in Dallas with Romo.


Now to play devil’s advocate: Do you really take that chance, knowing what kind of stud you have with Bryant?  Wouldn’t locking up one of the best quarterback to receiver tandems be a key for success?  Of course it would, but at the same time can you blame Dallas for being hesitant in giving Bryant a contract worth over $100 million?  And that’s not even calculating the guaranteed money.


Dez Bryant has already partnered up with Jay-Z’s Roc-Nation Sports to help him get the money he wants.  Mr. “S Dot Carter” showed that he can play with the big boys last year when he snatched former Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano and got him a deal for 10 years worth $240 million to play in Seattle.   Dez is serious about getting paid and someone will ultimately give him what he wants.  Jerry Jones is well aware of that.

G.W. Gras

twitter @GeeSteelio